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HHS: Body Politic

According to The Politico, HHS is quickly becoming a campaign organization for congressional Democrats: “The Obama administration Tuesday night gave more shape to its health reform selling strategy: Focus on the early roll-out of tangible benefits and, if all goes as planned, win over a skeptical public more than any argument ever could.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is leading this effort. The Cabinet officer most responsible for implementing reform, has said she expects the process to involve “hand-to-hand combat” in the roll-out of reform.

That translates into a campaign strategy of politicizing the role of HHS as the granter and enforcer of health care to demonstrate short term success in time for the election. In doing so, the Obama administration is pursuing a strategy that also solidifies its support with one of the Democrat party’s principal sources of campaign contributions: trial lawyers. Final health care reform failed to include any mention of malpractice reform and is seen by many as a potential giveaway to the personal injury bar.

Sebelius herself, a former executive director and chief lobbyist for the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association (now Kansas Association for Justice) from 1977-1986, is assembling a crack team at HHS that is stacked with personal injury lawyers and supporters. That group is led Jay Angoff.

Angoff was picked by Sebelius to head the Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at HHS which will become one of the most powerful division within the Department and, for that matter, the entire federal government. The Office will control the development and enforcement of new health care regulations and manage the new state exchanges, just to name a few powers of this super-bureaucracy.

And, what makes Angoff so qualified to exercise these vast new powers? He was a state insurance commission and, yes you guessed it, a high-profile personal injury lawyer who specialized in filing massive class action lawsuits – making himself millions while the individuals he sought to protect collected pennies on the dollar. Additionally, Angoff authored a so-called “landmark” 2005 study funded by the trial attorney trade group, the Center for Justice and Democracy, which claimed doctors were being artificially overcharged for malpractice insurance. This study was eventually discredited as being thoroughly inaccurate. However, not before enriching and elevating the profile of this now super-bureaucrat.

So, as we watch HHS roll-out the largest expansion of government power in a generation, we should keep a watchful eye on Secretary Sebelius, her team of former trail lawyer enforcers and the Department’s gamesmanship of short term “wins” that will undoubtedly provide desperately needed political points for the ruling party.

A cynical person might even suggest that HHS has become nothing more than a political arm and proof point for an embattled Democratic Party that faces a wary public and an even tougher election this fall.

Luckily, the Democrats will have their #1 special interest – the personal injury bar – at their side as they seek to curry favor with voters.

Congratulations, this is your tax dollars at work.


  1. David Wilcox says:

    Yes how true this is. Lawyers(ABA), Industries, AMA/Big Pharmacuetical Corporations and paid for Politicians are salvatating on the profits rolling in and produce laws and regulations that will provide them with a steady income for centuries.

  2. shorething says:

    certainly puts more oomph in shakespere’s “first we kill all the lawyers”

  3. Labour and Employment | online credit reports says:

    [...] HHS: Body Politic « PublicPlanFacts [...]

  4. I Choose Freedom says:

    How stupid can these people be? With gov’t regulating everything from “day one” on approved procedures and regulated services and rationed care ….and then the public will still be able to sue medical providers…..duh !!! Sad. Sad. Sad. situation our country is in.

  5. Ed Hoy says:

    I never in my wildest dreams, or thoughts, ever thought that our country, could come to this. These are the hippy-dippy idiots, that were protesting in the 60’s and 70’s, about how wrong this country was. They wanted “Change”, then, and now we are ALL stuck with it. Well, I hate to tell them, but it won’t ever happen on my watch. I will do everything I can, to keep this FARCE, from becoming reality. Politically, through marches, to helping get candidates elected, that understand the Constitution, and want this country to prosper once again, with all our rights and freedoms in place. This country WILL NOT go Socialist!!!

  6. Freedom's Voice says:

    Ed Hoy, I am with you! It is up to we the people to end this farce.

  7. Craig says:

    If the voters keep voting in these far left gangsters and fail to rid the nation of this toxic waste come November, they indeed do deserve to live in in the nasty third world gangster ruled dictatorship Obama is doing his level best to cram down everyone’s throats. People who exhibit extreme selfishness and stupidity in the voting booth do not deserve to have a nation where there is freedom and prosperity. Indeed the Democrats are toxic waste. They are terribly toxic to our freedoms and are corrosive to our liberties and they constantly waste tons of our hard earned money, a pox on them!

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