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  • Back to the House

    In a session that lasted into the early morning hours, Senate Republicans found violations in two provisions of the so-called fix-it health care bill, forcing it back to the House for another vote.
    The House is expected to vote by week’s end, before both chambers begin a spring recess.
    Post recess, the Senate will begin anew. [...]

  • Sign then Change

    Today, President Obama will sign into law the big expansion of government control over our health care at a White House ceremony.
    As readers know this bill passed the House of Representatives late Sunday night with no Republican support. The bill was approved by the Senate in December. A separate compromise package of changes [...]

  • Could this be the beginning of the end?

    With a showdown set for Sunday on the House floor, Democratic leaders still don’t command the 216 votes they need, so every undecided lawmaker has become the focus of personal attention from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House, and every “no”-to-”yes” conversion is being trumpeted by party leaders. has to give it to [...]

  • Slaughter House Rules

    With the $940 billion price tag of the Democrat health reform plan just released by the Congressional Budget office , it appears Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are poised to vote on their reform mess Sunday.
    The unanswered question is exactly what will they be voting on – will it be an up or [...]

  • Here comes the taxman

    Harry Reid has confirmed that the Senate will use budget reconciliation to pass health care reform. This news is hardly news. However, Reid’s pronouncement does come right as the Congressional Budget Office re-priced the Senate bill at a cost of $875 billion over 10 years.
    But that’s not the interesting part…. Within the CBO’s analysis [...]

  • Rules that Cheat

    After hundreds of blog posts, thousands of reader comments and more than a few twists, turns and sleight of hand tricks during the last year, is hardly surprised by news that House Democrats may try to cram the Senate version of Obamacare through the House without actually having a recorded vote on the bill. [...]