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Yesterday marked 6 months since President Obama signed into law the so-called Affordable Health Care Act and the start of what many in the liberal media are calling the start of “health care relief” for millions of Americans. The NYT has gone as far as giving big-sis HHS an “A” and insurers a “D.” A cynical person might questions the sanity of the Times but we’ll leave that to you;)

While it would be nice to believe the hype, we at are taking this day after to reaffirm our efforts to be truth tellers and demystify the candy coated praise. Truth be told the start of ObamaCare is the start of big costs, big government, big consequences and big mistakes.

Already insurers have had to make the tough decision to stop offering policies for children in response to our health care law. The truth is that the White House’s so-called reform encourages parents to only buy policies after their kids become sick. As a result, there will be a huge glut of ill youngsters to insure, which even the biggest insurance companies can’t afford to take care of. Reform in action, right?

We at know this is just the start of the tidal wave of unintended consequences of ObamaCare and plan to redouble our efforts to bring you the truth and nothing but the truth.

Now tell us — what do you think of ObamaCare?


  1. Denise says:

    Dirty trick played on the American Citizens!

  2. W. E. Wright says:

    I have just finished reading The Manchurian President. That author spells out in great detail how the exact plan just put into law was hatched while an Obama Marxist fellow traveler was whiling away in prison.

    What he wrote years ago was put into law.

    It MUST be repealed!

  3. Wendy Labrum says:

    As a very seasoned independent agent, I see more than the common citizen. Obama has found a way to eliminate the ONLY business that did not succomb the depression and now he wants to destroy it. The last big business. Why is it that this administration won’t control law suits which drives up the costs, the providers charge more to stay in business and the insurance companies have to charge more to pay the claims? The price hikes go to the insured. I am not saying that the insurance companies have no blame at all, but the Dems are crying that the Repubs are big business men while the Dems are big attorneys. Go figure then why they don’t want tort reform. I am very sad that we have to be treated as subject to this administration. The head of the HHS used to be an insurance commisisoner. She has now turned her back on what she touted for years as fair business. I will support the repeal until my dying day. We as self employed will never be counted in the loss of our jobs…..I will not stand by idley and watch this business go up in smoke.

  4. Mickey Mathis says:

    Already my relationship with my physician, an internist, is almost gone. Drs are leaving their medicare patients, daily. They simply cannot afford to treat and take care of them. Doctors are being treated like they are to blame for the problem, instead of the Federal Government. Most of us who had good insurance at work before we retired NEVER wanted to be dumped into the Medicare system. But we were. The Gov. is lying every day, using our tax dollars to spread their propganda-money that should be used to pay the bills. Washington is literally destroying health care in this country. My drug bills have doubled already too. So don’t tell me about Gov. health care. Deliver me from anything the Federal Gov. has to offer.

  5. Brad Neiman says:

    The plan could not be worse. It will raise my insurance premiums and reduce the coverage I now enjoy. It is a government intrusion into our lives that is ill-conceived. Obamacare represents a giant step towards a socialist form of government and a complete abandonment of our constitution. I want Obamacare repealed ASAP!

  6. Barbara says:

    The objective of this massive plan is obviously NOT to improve our health care, but is designed to over-burden out economy with huge increases in social programs — just as called for by Clowad-Piven. The end desire is to bring down our economy and our country. In the meantime, I am frightened that medical care is being cut back for the elderly, when we need more care as we age. Cutting back payments will force doctors and medical facilities out of business, and waiting times for care will skyrocket. It is very obvious that a 2,000+ page bill did not appear out of thin air, but has been waiting in the background for the right moment in time and the right conditions to be pulled out and shoved through Congress. Obama and his left wing Congress provided just the right moment in history. It was SO wrong for them to vote on a bill they had not read, SO wrong of Pelosi to say they had to pass it first so they could then know what it said, SO wrong of Congress to turn a deaf ear to their constituents. Government should stay out of healthcare and allow private enterprise to function at its best, and continue to provide us with the best healthcare available in the world!

  7. Kendra says:

    I feel as though there is no alternative but to either repeal or completely de-fund and decapitate the health insurance reform law. It contains so many nightmares that add up to one huge nightmare, that it is inconceivable to me why anyone in their right mind would ever take it so lightly as to vote for it without ever having a clue what all was in it. That peice of legislation was the biggest fraud this country has just about ever seen. I am still as furious and in as much disbelief as I was that Sunday evening when the vote happened. I only hope that November 2nd is all we think it will be so that we have a chance to begin to take our country back from this corrupt and venomous anti-freedom administration.

  8. Larry Allen says:

    Obamacare is simply an unconstitutional takeover of our medical system that will result in increased costs, reduced quality of healthcare and destruction of our right to privacy and personal choice.

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